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Mike Dickinson

Mike Dickinson

Before coming to Vibration Solutions, Mike worked for 26 years as production manager for a large plant with more than 2000 employees.

His educational background includes Lean Manufacturing Concepts such as 5S and Six Sigma.

Mike has been with Vibration Solutions for close to 6 years and is now the President of the company, taking care of all daily operations as well as key customer support.

Mike is extremely dedicated to the company and our customers.

Allan H Hansen

Allan H Hansen

Allan started his “career” at the tender age of 12. As the son of Arne Hjorth, Allan was demonstrating Arne’s invention, the world’s first tubeless truck tire changer at a trade show in Essen, Germany. In 1974, Allan was barely taller than the truck tires he was mounting but, of course, the machine did all the work.

In 1984, Allan moved to California and in 1985 entered the balancing clamping tool business. He has invented many products since that time and is now in charge of design, engineering and production setup for Vibration Solutions.

It is interesting then, that his first major invention had little to do with wheel balancing. Allan is the inventor of the world’s first electronic tire inflation equipment.

Up until the early 1990s, traditional analog air gauges were used to inflate tires and measure air pressure. Most of these gauges were not very accurate and the truly accurate units were very expensive.

After seeing an award winning piece of medical equipment, Allan realized that air could be measured using a similar technology. The world’s first electronic inflator was soon invented and a prototype made.

As it turns out, measuring static air pressure inside a tire is much easier than making an automatic inflator, due to a long list of safety concerns. What happens if the circuit board or the sensor fails? Thankfully, Arne had many years of experience in this field as a manufacturer of tire safety inflation systems. Allan’s primitive prototype was handed to Arne and his engineering team for final development and testing. In 1991, we introduced the revolutionary Programmable Computer Inflator.

Arne Hjorth

Arne Hjorth

Arne is the Managing Director of Vibration Solutions Europe ApS. His career spans almost 50 years. During that time he invented more new concepts than probably any other individual in the industry.  If a man is measured by the times his ideas have been adopted or copied, then Arne is a clear winner.

The list of inventions and patents is long and includes the world’s first tubeless truck tire changer and other equipment for truck retread and tire shops.

Ever wonder who came up with the idea of adding rollers and other support arms onto passenger car tire changers to assist with especially low profile tires? Wonder no more, as Arne sold retrofit systems that bolted onto existing tire changers  for years before the OE manufactures finally added them as standard equipment.

For wheel balancing, he invented the first weightless lift. Operators could suddenly work with ease and the balancing results improved dramatically due to the near weightless condition of the wheel during the mounting process.

Besides equipment, Arne also invented the speedy “French” adaptor for wheels without a standard through hole and a truck balancing system using a Centering Disk and an aluminum plate with leaning studs (Flange Plate). This system is still the industry standard today on all truck balancing machines.

Perhaps the product that is best known is the threaded shaft/hub design used by every balancing machine manufacturer in the world. Three different companies each had a role in developing this concept; it was Arne’s final design however, using a long back-cone with a lip to catch the wheel along with a pressure cup that became the world standard. We value his expertise and ideas.

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