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CenTor Plate 5SD

The CenTor Plate has been the top selling balancing clamping tool since about 1985. The reason is simple; CenTor Plates will balance any steel or alloy wheel, hub centric or lug centric to near perfection.

Especially in the 1980’ and 1990’ so many wheels were lug-centric, meaning that that centered on the vehicle through the lug holes rather than the center bore. It was thus impossible to balance these wheel accurately with a cone alone. Instead, a back-cone was used to pre-center the wheel and then a CenTor Plate used from the front of the wheel to push the wheel up on the cone, place equal pressure in each lug hole and do the final centering.

Recommended by most vehicle manufacturers around the world.

Required (mandatory) tool by many vehicle manufacturers around the world.

Over two hundred thousand sold    Millions of come-backs avoided and resolved.

The CenTor Plate 5SD is the fifth iteration of this extremely popular wheel balancing tool concept. This new SuperDuty version has each hole clearly marked with easy to ready, color coded bolt pattern (pitch circle diameter) information. The colors match the included vehicle Application Chart.

Every shop should have CenTor Plates either as primary balancing tool or as backup to SpeedPlates when cars or trucks arrive with vibration problems from competing shops.

  Bolt patterns (PCD) are color coded and easy to read even in poor lighting.

  SuperDuty version is through hardened as well as deep surface hardened.

  Precision ground studs with UltraFinish™

  Works on steel and alloy –  hub-centric or lug-centric – wheels.

  Virtually rust-proof.

  Works in conjunction with hit taper cones, medium taper and low taper collets .

  CenTor Plate 5SD can balance 4-lug, 5-lug, 6-lug and 8-lug wheels.

  Easy to setup for initial wheel – no changes needed for remaining 3 (car) or 5 (dually truck) wheels.

CenTor Plates, also known as Flange Plates and Pin Plates, centers and torque the wheel using Studs with conical or ball seat heads. The longer the Stud is, to reach the lug hole in wide alloy wheels, the more stress is placed on the base of the Stud as well as the hole in the plate itself.

Think of a lemon. Yes, the fruit! It has a hard shell and soft interior. During normal handling the shell protects the interior just fine. But if high pressure is placed on the lemon, the shell collapses because the interior is soft and usable to back the shell up.

To avoid premature wear, CenTor Plates are first hardened through the entire part. The CenTor Plate is then machined in it’s hardened state. Afterwards, it is deep surface hardened, leaving the exterior with a hardness of HRc60+. The result, is a CenTor Plate with extremely hard exterior fully backed up with a hard interior. Surface scratches and dent as well as premature wear is avoided. We don’t sell lemons!

Vibration Solutions

Deep surface hardening plus through hardened steel core. Tough and rust proof.

No appreciable wear or elongation of plate hole after heavy use.

Competitor A

Shallow surface hardening but with soft unhardened steel core. Rust proof.

Significant wear and elongation of plate hole after heavy use.

Competitor B

Soft unhardened steel all the way through. Rust prone.

Very significant wear and elongation of plate hole after heavy use.

Each CenTor Stud is held in place with a single o-ring, so changing them out is a breeze. Pull or twist each CenTor Stud out of the CenTor Plate and push and twist the correct unit back in. It takes only a couple of seconds.

The CenTor Studs are designed to exactly replicate the lug nut on the vehicle.  That way the wheel is clamped correctly and no damage is ever done to the wheel lug hole. CenTor Plates are, after all, not just an excellent balancing tool but also a manner in which to avoid damage to expensive custom wheels.

CenTor Stud - Style “B”

Seat: Cone

Width: 28mm

Length: 80mm

CenTor Stud - Style “E”

Seat: Cone

Width: 19mm

Length: 95mm

CenTor Stud - Style “C”

Seat: Ball

Width: 24.5mm

Length: 105mm

CenTor Plate 5SD is available in three options; Universal, with built-in SpeedNut or with built-in  SpeedGrip.

The universal versions will fit onto all known wheel balancer brands regardless if the balancer is equipped with a threaded shaft or a solid automatic shaft.

After mounting the wheel simply slide the CenTor Plate 5SD onto the shaft and then tighten the assembly with the balancer’s original wing-nut or handle.

The SpeedNut version is available for most balancer with a threaded shaft. Because various balancer brands use different thread designs, it is necessary to order the CenTor Plate 5SD with built-in SpeedNut, specifically for the balancer model. Not to worry, should the shop change balancer model or brand, the threaded jaws inside the SpeedNut can be changed, to fit the new balancing machine, at a very low cost. Using only one clamping tool is obviously faster than having to use two separate tools, as with the universal version. In addition, the built-in SpeedNut provides a solid grip of the entire clamping tool.
The SpeedGrip version works on most balancers with an auto shaft. Due to the smart design, it works on balancers with ball grip as well as finger grip. So there is no need to change clamping tool just because the balancer brand is changed down the road.

CenTor Plate System

North American Version


Also Included:

Vehicle Application Chart – M299-200-01

CenTor Plate System

International Version


Also Included:

Vehicle Application Chart – M299-200-03