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SpeedPlate LC

The SpeedPlate concept is the fastest and most accurate adjustable wheel balancing clamping tool available on the world market. It’s really easy and fast to provide customers with a perfectly smooth ride and avoid come-backs.

First, select correct Torque Tip (Same design as the vehicle lug nut).

Second, rotate the gears to chosen bolt pattern (PCD).

Third, clamp wheel on the balancer with the SpeedPlate LC.

Using a thumb to rotate one gear will automatically turns all gears with the attached studs. It is fast, easy and comfortable. Locking the chosen bolt pattern (PCD) in place is fully automatic through an innovative wave spring design.

3-Lug & 6-Lug Wheels

4-Lug & 8-Lug Wheels

5-Lug Wheels

The SpeedPlate LC is the first iteration of a new forged steel version of the SpeedPlate concept. This new steel version is somewhat heavier than the all aluminum SpeedPlate 3LW version but it’s not less accurate. In fact, balancing results are identical because the technique is identical. The lower cost SpeedPlate LC may provide many shops the best value for money.

  Step-free range of bolt patterns (PCD) from 95.25mm to 180mm.

  Work on passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, vans and light trucks up to one ton.

  Interchangeable Torque Tips to fit all known wheels.

  Full automatic locking of chosen bolt pattern (PCD).

  Optimized balancing results due to proprietary compression disks.

  SpeedPlates are future proof, fitting current and potential future bolt patterns (PCD).

  SpeedPlate LC can balance 3-lug, 4-lug, 5-lug, 6-lug and 8-lug wheels.

  Incredibly fast setup time.   

SpeedPlate LC is available in three options; Universal, with built-in SpeedNut or with built-in SpeedGrip.

The universal versions will fit onto all known wheel balancer brands regardless if the balancer is equipped with a threaded shaft or a solid automatic shaft.

After mounting the wheel simply slide the SpeedPlate LC onto the shaft and then tighten the assembly with the balancer’s original wing-nut or handle.

The SpeedNut version is available for most balancer with a threaded shaft. Because various balancer brands use different thread designs, it is necessary to order the SpeedPlate LC with built-in SpeedNut, specifically for the balancer model. Not to worry, should the shop change balancer model or brand, the threaded jaws inside the SpeedNut can be changed, to fit the new balancing machine, at a very low cost.

Using only one clamping tool is obviously faster than having to use two separate tools, as with the universal version. In addition, the built-in SpeedNut provides a solid grip of the entire clamping tool.

The SpeedGrip version works on most balancers with an auto shaft. Due to the intelligent design, it works on balancers with ball grip as well as finger grip. So there is no need to change clamping tool just because the balancer brand is changed down the road.

It goes without saying that a SpeedPlate with a built-in SpeedGrip is the fastest way to clamp and balance a wheel. Period!

Wheels are removed and remounted many times during the vehicle’s life span. Not all shops take the same  care during this process and often the lug holes show some damage. If a dent is made in the surface where the lug-nut will touch, when mounting, then the dent is placing that lug hole on a different plane, relative to the other lug-nuts. A similar situation occurs on aluminum wheels with steel inserts, if the manufacturer does not press the steel inserts into the lug holes at the identical depth, or plane.

One of the key features that help make the SpeedPlate a superior balancing tool is the proprietary compression disk concept. The compression disks are manufactured to our exact specifications and design. When the SpeedPlate is clamped onto the wheel balancer, these disks compress more or less, all depending on the various depth plane of the lug nut holes. Because of this flexible compression, the SpeedPlate always exerts correct pressure in each lug hole. This guarantees that the wheel is pressed perfectly straight against the balancer’s face plate, thereby ensuring the best possible dynamic balancing results.

Each Torque Tip is held in place with two o-rings, so changing them out is a breeze. Pull or twist each Torque Tip off the stud and push or twist the correct unit back on. It takes only a couple of seconds. The Torque Tips are designed to exactly replicate the lug nut on the vehicle.  That way the wheel is centered correctly and no damage is ever done to the wheel lug hole. SpeedPlates are, after all, not just an awesome balancing tool but also a manner in which to avoid damage to expensive custom wheels.

Torque Tip - Style “B”

Seat: Cone

Width: 28mm

Length: 30mm

Overall Length: 80mm.

Torque Tip - Style “E”

Seat: Cone

Width: 19mm

Length: 45mm

Overall Length: 95mm.

Torque Tip - Style “C”

Seat: Ball

Width: 24.5mm

Length: 55mm

Overall Length: 105mm.

Option 1   –   SpeedPlate System   

Part Number L400-xxx-06

Also Included:

PCD Measuring Tool    S900-005-01

Option 2   –   SpeedPlate System

Part Number  L400-xxx-07

Also Included:

PCD Measuring Tool    S900-005-01

Option 3   –   SpeedPlate System

Part Number  L400-xxx-13

Also Included:

PCD Measuring Tool    S900-005-01