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When a wheel is out of balance, contact between the tire and road surface is greatly diminished resulting in increased breaking distance and poor handling, especially during emergency maneuvering.

And even slight steering wheel vibration, virtually always caused by out of balance front wheel(s), has been proven to cause pre-mature driver fatigue.

Of course, wheel vibration also significantly increases fuel consumption, tire wear and pre-mature wear of suspension parts.

Clearly, inaccurate wheel balancing increases the risk of accidents, increases consumer cost and is harmful to our environment.

The cost to tie up a shop bay, to re-balance all wheels in the hope of getting it correct the second time, may be high. And that’s if the customer does come back to complain. In reality, customers often don’t come back – ever – which is even more costly.

Insanely Accurate ProductsTM

Perfect wheel balancing is therefore known to all vehicle manufacturers as essential and no wheel balancing machine can accomplish that by itself. High precision clamping tools or adaptors are necessary to center and torque the wheel onto the balancing machine in order to correctly calculate the amount of the counter weight needed and the position where to place that weight on the rim.

As the world’s premier manufacturer of these tools and adaptors, Vibration Solutions is the supplier of choice of the finest car manufacturers and balancing machine manufacturers, the world over. Our product design, manufacturing accuracy and durability is simply unmatched.

To us, precision is not a goal, it’s a given. We fanatically live by our slogan;

Insanely Accurate ProductsTM

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