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BalTec Inc.

ATEQ VT67 TPMS Tool + 10 Sensor Kit

ATEQ VT67 TPMS Tool + 10 Sensor Kit

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Siming, 1-One, One, TPMS
With interactive menus, complete TPMS diagnostic capability, and even built-in support, the VT67 will completely re-imagine the way technicians diagnose and validate TPMS systems. The tool boasts over 30 features and functions, as well as a built-in
camera to document any vehicle issues, which can then be added to a complete TPMS report and emailed to the customer.

• Secure Gateway (SGW) ready for Stellantis vehicles
• Save, manage, and edit customer jobs and reports on the cloud
• 100% coverage for Domestic, European, and Asian vehicles
• Program & clone 20+ aftermarket sensor brands
• Record DOT information
• WIFI & real-time updates, powered by Live Sensor™
• Export & send complete customer reports via email
• TPMS sensor and service kit image library for easy reference
• ID Match functionality to troubleshoot and repair TPM systems

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